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Databricks : All your data and AI models in one place

Founded in 2013 by the creators of Apache Spark, Databricks is a web platform that combines AI and data management.

Theodo Data & AI supports your teams in bringing together your data, analytics, and AI on Databricks.

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What is Databricks ? 

Databricks is a data lakehouse that combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes into a platform that enables processing of all your data, analytics, and machine learning models.

1. Optimize data engineering and management
Databricks facilitates the creation of automated ETL pipelines that quickly and securely aggregate all of your data.

2. Quickly visualize your business KPIs 
Our data scientists assist your teams in transforming your data into dashboards that enable strategic decision-making for your business.

3. Accelerate machine learning
Focused on performance, Databricks' lakehouse enables our data scientists to rapidly develop trained machine learning models, facilitating quick deployment into production.

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Unify data teams

A single platform that enables you to process all of your data, AI, and analytics use cases:

An open source-based database that is simple and reliable.

A simplified infrastructure that enables the execution of complex analysis at scale.

A common approach to multi-cloud governance and security.

A data lakehouse that enables you to quickly test your machine learning models.

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Business case: 20% increase in sales performance thanks to a recommendation engine.

Project duration: 2 months


Key points: We supported Beauvallet in their strategy to increase their revenue by creating a recommendation engine that allows telesales representatives to increase the volume of daily orders through recommendations of similar products. This resulted in a 20% increase in sales performance.

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Theodo Data & AI's support, a partner of choice!

We accompany you throughout your migration project to Databricks, whether it's for creating an ETL or developing your AI solutions.

  • We establish a definition of success, meaning a clear business objective for the end-user.

  • We work with Lean and Agile methodologies that allow us to work in iterative cycles.

  • We have created specific tools that provide visibility and transparency on our projects.

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