Automated billing for meal trays


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A French industrial company, a provider of cash register machines, generates a significant portion of its revenue in the catering sector. This environment is characterized by strong and active competition. The development of their solution began two years after that of their French competitors.

We have built an automatic tray meal billing application using state-of-the-art visual recognition algorithms. This product combines technological challenges with the industrial reality of a product used daily.

The Challenges

We had to adapt to the catering context and develop an algorithm with a very high level of performance so as not to impact the end users. This implies a real-time and fast prediction level.

To meet the challenges of the project, we have developed a model that generalizes to a large number of restaurants with varied dishes and plates and that adapts to a daily changing menu to industrialize the solution.

The Solution

We have developed a tray meal recognition solution that automatically generates the cash register receipt. We have also created a model and deployed this solution in several restaurants.

The Results

We have achieved an instant recognition system for the user with deployment in over 50 restaurants in France.


Of predictions are accurate


Millions images collected

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