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Smart O&M, a subsidiary of Engie Digital, aims to streamline its data platform by transitioning from an Azure/AWS deployment to a Databricks/AWS deployment. The data platform consists of approximately 100 Glue and Data Factory jobs, retrieving data from a MongoDB database and feeding AWS RDS databases, which are then used by Power BI dashboards. For data control reasons, the pipelines are spread across multiple environments corresponding to 3 geographical zones (North America, Asia, and Europe).

The Challenge

Smart O&M relies on data processing and analysis to offer Engie customers operational optimization and maintenance services for their facilities. Customers create digital twins of their facilities to gain a holistic view of their proper functioning and prevent malfunctions, allowing them to anticipate maintenance actions as early as possible.

Smart O&M sought Theodo Data & AI's expertise to enhance the reliability and optimize the quality of data and analytical reporting for end users.

The Solution

We improved the reliability of the data feeding process (ETL) and optimized the data model. In parallel, we industrialized the creation of reports under Power BI, integrating best development practices. This enabled managers to track contract performance and customers to identify consumption optimization levers and plan equipment maintenance.

The Results

Revamped the data platform with the creation of an ETL and dashboard development to facilitate data provision for the end user.


Weeks to create an ETL


Additional conversion rate in 2 weeks


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