3 months to help sales teams capitalize on the increase in face value of meal vouchers



In 2022, Edenred's data management team embarked on creating a Face Value dashboard for Edenred's sales representatives. They struggled to convince their clients to increase the face value of the tickets.


Edenred's sales representatives faced difficulties in maximizing the ROI of their interactions. They lacked tools to identify the right clients, compare them to regional and sectoral competitors, and build fact-based arguments due to time constraints.

We assisted the sales representatives in creating a product tailored to their needs:

  • Client portfolio management for Edenred's sales representatives to detect business opportunities.
  • Creation of a support tool for client meetings that provides a personalized argument which can be sent to the client.
  • Creation of a reusable data set for a 360-degree experience in Edenred's customer experience (sales dashboard, Edenred client space).


We developed a PowerBI dashboard with a data pipeline on the Azure and Databricks stack. We selected Azure Data Factory for ingestion and orchestration, and Databricks for processing, allowing us to easily apply all our coding best practices (unit testing, end-to-end testing, formatting, linting, etc.).



Tech Stack






Engagement rate from early adopters


Million euros valuation of the tool internally


Faster performance

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