Securing migration and exploitation of operational data in 4 weeks



Rent A Car is undergoing a significant overhaul of its ERP system and wants to ensure all necessary measures are taken to guarantee the successful migration of all data. The company is currently building its data team and aims to enhance its data analysis capabilities by acquiring a simple, scalable, and high-performance platform.

The challenge is twofold: conducting a risk assessment on the migration of all operational data and providing recommendations on architecture and best practices for a comprehensive BI platform.


We had 4 weeks to understand and address Rent A Car's concerns on two fronts:

  • Understand the original and target ERP architectures**, identify the risks associated with transitioning from the former to the latter, and propose a mitigation plan.
  • Understand the data usage across Rent A Car's organization**, including franchisees, subsidiaries, and regional and central managers, to establish selection criteria for defining the technical stack of a complete BI platform suitable for Rent A Car’s needs.


It was crucial to provide guidelines and best practices to optimize the analytical platform and ensure efficient maintenance.


Our response was delivered through a series of documents, starting with an initial report detailing the current situation, potential improvement areas, and technical recommendations. This was accompanied by a risk analysis on the ERP migration and recommended mitigation actions.

To propose a BI platform, we compared and ranked a shortlist of candidate tools based on the company’s needs. These tools covered data extraction, transformation, orchestration, and visualization, and the findings were documented in architecture decision records (ADR). This provided Rent A Car's team with the necessary insights to choose the architecture and components for their data platform.



The provided documents enabled the company to make key decisions regarding the migration of its operational data and reduced the risk of losing sensitive data.


Documents containing tailored recommendations for the company's needs


Weeks of auditing

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