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Snowflake : A unique and efficient platform for your data and workloads

Data leader in Cloud services since 2014, Snowflake is now a high-performance architecture with unlimited capabilities. It unifies your data without any maintenance and handles the most critical workloads.

Theodo Data & AI, a Snowflake partner, supports your teams in bringing together your data, analytics, and AI on Snowflake.

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What is Snowflake? 

Snowflake is a SaaS plateform design for the Cloud. It offers performances in scalability, and flexibility your organization need.

The storage and compute layers work separately, which makes Snowflake ideal for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data sharing, and developing data-driven applications.
Snowflake enables you to break down data silos, and has a large ecosystem of partners that allows it to be deployed on major cloud providers.

1. Access your data from the Data Cloud
Snowflake combines performance and security for your Data Lake or Data Warehouse needs, supporting all types of data. From Snowflake, you can ingest your data and connect your favorite ETL solutions through Partner Connect, including dbt, Informatica, Matillion, Fivetran, and Segment.

2. Fast visualization for your métier KPIs 
Our analytics engineers support your teams to transform your data into dashboards that will allow you to make strategic decisions for your business. Snowflake is compatible with solutions such as PowerBI, Tableau, ThoughtSpot, Qlik, or Looker.

3. Accelerate on Machine Learning 
Quickly and efficiently develop applications on Snowflake, with the ability to build your AI application or use your preferred AI platforms, such as Sagemaker, H2O or Dataiku.

Snowflake's data sharing management provides the technical solution to set up an organization around Datamesh.

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Fast for all your workloads: Snowflake enables you to perform all tasks involving your users and data quickly and reliably. 

No setup: It replaces manual and complex systems that require a lot of configuration with an automated system that operates at a very large scale, optimizing costs and minimizing downtime.

Connect with what matters to you: Extend access and collaboration between your teams, workloads, clouds, and data, securely and transparently.

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Theodo Data & AI's support, a partner of choice!

We accompany you throughout your migration or deployment project on Snowflake, whether it is to break down data silos, to develop your artificial intelligence solutions or to access your BI metrics.

  • We define a clear business objective for the end user as the definition of success.

  • We work with Lean and Agile methods that allow us to work in iterative cycles.

  • We have created specific tools to provide visibility and transparency on our projects.
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